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Post a video response on YouTube on any demo listed below to be included on this page as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. These challenges are designed to require a combination of hard work and fun to achieve great results.

TEN TREYS - Make 10 3's in a row in less than one minute

THE YO-YO - Through the bottom of the rim, bounce, then back in.

HALFCOURT WRAP - Halfcourt behind-the-back toss.

SUPINE DRIBBLES - While laying on your back, dribble above your head. 30 seconds with your right, 30 seconds left, then 30 seconds alternating.

5min ROPES - Jumprope for 5 straight minutes, alternating style every 30 seconds

TEN J'S - 10 elbow jumpers in a row, sprinting in from halfcourt.

AMBIDEXTROUS FT's - Make 10 straight free throws, alternating hands.

DOUBLE BOUNCE - Bounce two balls in simultaneously with both hands.

2 BOUNCES - From the 3-pt line, bounce 2 consecutive shots in, one with your right then one with you left hand.

360° REVERSE - Make a 360° reverse layup.

CONNECT 4 - Yes, the kid's game. Beat me twice in a row, alternating who goes first.